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The secrets of High Manners Manor, carefully guarded in a closet by Billy and his skeleton parents, begin to unravel when the orphan Millicent arrives and the two children start uncovering ghosts, apparitions, and scurrilous lies that have been festering in the house for far too long.
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“This story is original and suspenseful, and the creepy characters are surprisingly warm and endearing, proving that humans can sometimes be scarier than monsters.”   
                                 —Children’s Literature
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Here’s the blurb from Macmillan Children’s Books in the UK:


The Bones family lives in a dark closet, guarding the secrets and lies that belong to the hideous Biglums. But little Billy Bones craves the excitement of the big wide world.

Then Millicent arrives, a new nice Bilgum. And when a skeleton-boy with a hidden history meets a no-nonsense orphan with a nose for a mystery, the truth is bound to burst out of the secrets closet...
“ all accounts, a vastly charming and eerily illuminating book.”
                                   —The Truth About Books
“The enthusiasm with which the story is related, its humour, imagination and pace make it a fabulous read.”
                                          —Write Away,com_mtree/task,viewlink/link_id,3379/Itemid,99999999/,com_mtree/task,viewlink/link_id,3379/Itemid,99999999/shapeimage_17_link_0
Where’s Billy?
“This is an exquisite debut novel from an author who clearly has a great talent.”
“Lincoln offers up a blend of melancholy and supernatural action with Tim Burton-esque flair, imbuing his characters with such endearing warmth that readers will find themselves sympathizing and emotionally committed even as they are swept along in the rapidly paced adventure.”   
                                          —the bulletin
“BILLY BONES is great fun. It's spooky, cool, and full of imagination.”   
                                 —Common sense media
“...full of creatively descriptive language... Billy Bones is a fun read.”   
                             —School Library Journal
Billy Bones: The Road to Nevermore.

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“If you like spooky things that are just spooky enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, this is the book for you!”   
                      —Stories for children magazine
“The plot nicely mixes the macabre with the merry…” 
A Book of the Year for 2008 at Lovereading4kids.
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Shortlisted for the Hillingdon
Primary School Book of the Year 2009.
What secrets-closet skeletons are saying.

“Saint Bastian’s Bones!”
“My jaw is still on the floor!”
What the living are saying about the Road to Nevermore:
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The Road to Nevermore.
The Bottom Line: Billy Bones: The Road to Nevermore is fast-paced and action-packed with quirky, supernatural fun.
                                                      —Mini Book Bytes
...definitely paints an awesome “word picture” throughout this fun book—it 
was riveting!
                         —Sandi Lee...Live it. Love it. Write it.
A few comments about Billy Bones: A Tale from the Secrets Closet:
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Praise for BILLY BONES:

“A delightful new take on skeletons in the closet.” —VOYA

“Original and suspenseful...” —Children’s Literature
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